Vision – AFS India is an international educational organization which offers global exchanges and learning opportunities to develop intercultural competencies for a just and peaceful world.

AFS India will actively work towards strengthening school, community relations with the introduction of ICL based educational program. The CBSE life skills curriculum and ICL will be identified and aligned. Data base of CBSE schools would be updated for identification and implementation of the pilot project.

AFS India will train volunteers, staff and develop resource persons in collaboration with experts. ICL tools/ materials/ training modules/ qualification test / activity calendar will be created. ICL component will be will be incorporated in orientations and customized to Indian standards and eventually translated into local languages.  Volunteers will be identified and trained at Chapter level for maintaining school relations. CBSE schools will be approached to introduce AFS as an educational institution offering ICL via intra/ inter school fun activities, Parent Teacher Meetings and Inter- city class exchanges. Teachers would be provided with ICL training in target schools. Feedback of the pilot project would be collated, impact assessment would be conducted and CBSE board will be approached for endorsements. 

AFS India will also focus on collaborating and forming multiple alliances with educational institutions, government agencies, NGOs and Corporates to promote and brand AFS as an educational organization. In addition AFS India will focus on networking with like-minded organizations and formation of ICL and advisory team.

AFS India will extend ICL and life skill component to other educational board as part of its future plan.