AFS ventures into international internship placements, bringing together our global networks, expertise, and years in the field, with high quality internship providers.

We offer programs in various locations globally designed to increase skills in your professional field while growing intercultural competencies. Through continuous training and coaching, our programs will guide learners through a unique experience that will make them stand out to employers. Combining on-the-job experiential learning, cultural immersion, and structured reflection, our interns will gain the intercultural communication skills and awareness to help them succeed at work and in our globalized world.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF 18+ PROGRAMS with AFS India in 2016!!!!

With the onset of the New Year, AFS Intercultural Programs India, is proud to announce an array of 18+ Programs to choose from. They vary in nature, in country, duration, as well as other features. Please take out your time and explore the world of these wonderful opportunities and write back to us for the Program that you would like to undertake to expand your skills, knowledge and experience. We will look forward to have you on the 18+ Journey!!    

International Internships Programs:

AFS India is offering International Internships in
Different countries: Australia, China, Columbia, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain
Different Industries: ranges from Finances, Sciences, Engineering, International Business, Law, Journalism, NGOs, Marketing, Art, Architecture, Real Estate, Tourism, Theatre, Television etc. 
Different Duration(s): 6 weeks to 24 weeks


Community Service Programs with Cross Cultural Solutions:

Cross-Cultural Solutions is an international nonprofit organization. They are leader in providing intercultural learning through Community Service Programs.
Countries: Tanzania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Morocco, Peru, Ghana, Thailand, Guatemala
Fields of Service: Child Education, Global Health, Girl and Women Empowerment, HIV, Others (Customize according to need)
Program Duration: 3-12 Weeks


AFS 18+ Volunteer Abroad Programs in Dominican Republic:

Volunteering in another country is a unique way to connect with the world. You travel with a purpose, find a role and learn to live within a culture different from anything you might know.
Program Duration: 3 months, 6 months and a year.
Projects: Conservation and Environment, Human Rights, Community Building, Teaching, Children and Youth, and Helping Disabled People.
Last Date of Application: 30th March 2016


IES Abroad University/ Semester Programs: 

IES Abroad is a not-for-profit academic consortium, and is a leading partner in study abroad to more than 225 top tier US colleges and Universities with academic excellence as their mission for the students.
Programs Offered- More than 125 study abroad programs in more than 30 global locations worldwide
Program Duration: January-term, Summer session (May/June – July/August), Academic year-long (Aug-May), Semester-long, (most programs are 15 weeks)
Location(s): Select a city in an IES Abroad location or multi-city destinations

Rio Summer Sports and Society Program

With a range of sports-related courses, this program is designed to explore the many facets of sports and culture in Rio, the impact of Olympics on Rio with the Summer Olympics Games taking place in Rio de Janerio in 2016.
Program Duration: Mid-June to late July (7 weeks)
Courses: You take two or three courses from: Rio & the Olympics; Service Learning Seminar; Sports Marketing; Portuguese Language (required); Music & Society
Last Date of Application: 15th March 2016


AFS 18+ Programs in Denmark:

AFS Folk College Summer Program

Cultural/Educational summer program to develop their intercultural competencies with fellow students from all over the world and engage in creative activities.
Program Duration: 9th July - 12th August 2016 (5 weeks)
Program Description: Participants live and study at the Vraa Hoejskole, to learn Danish culture and language, engage in creative subjects such as painting, drawing, ceramics, jewelry and photography, go on excursions to local places of cultural significance (including Sweden) and go on study trips to organizations and companies of global interest. 
Last Date of Application: 30th March 2016

AFS Folk College Program

Cultural/educational program for a semester for young people to develop their intercultural competencies, become more independent, grow in self-knowledge, become clearer about their future study/work and improve their English.
Program Duration: 5th August - 17th December 2016
Program Description: Participants live and study at a Danish folk college. There is a choice of two folk college-one with a focus on intercultural/global citizenship and one with a focus on sports.
Last Date of Application: 30th April 2016

AFS Mix Program

A Cultural/ Educational Program which includes first a semester as a volunteer and afterwards a semester as a folk college student.
Program Duration: 5th August 2016 to approx. 11th June 2017
Areas of Interest: After-school care institutions and youth clubs, small children in kindergartens or nurseries, promoting culture in all its variety, teaching children or adults, enhancing public health, protecting the environment, assisting socially disadvantaged people and much more .
Last Date of Application: 30th March 2016


Please download the brochures of programs from here:

Hosting Programs:

Qualified Experienced Teachers Program Brochure
Teacher Assistant Program Brochure
Corporate Intership
Expectation from Corporate
Qualified Experienced Teachers Program with GCC
Teacher Assistant Program with GCC

New Programs:

Thailand Teachers Program
Programs in Philippines
DOM Yoga & Surf Program
Volunteering in Brazil

Old Programs:

Global Prep Program in South Africa
Denmark Mix Program Brochure
Denmark Folk College Summer Program Brochure
Rio Summer Sports and Society Program Brochure
Denmark Folk College Program Brochure
Volunteer Abroad Programs in Dominican Republic Brochure
Community Service Programs with Cross Cultural Solutions Brochure
IES Abroad University Semester Program Brochure
BBA International Business In Belgium
Bachelors Degree Program in Germany

Please Note: Please refer to the Brochures (above) for Details for all the Programs.

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