Stay and Study Program

The essence of any AFS program is ‘Stay and Study’ in a different cultural setting. The participants live with a host family while attending local school and gaining a fresh perspective of a foreign culture. By experiencing new culture as foreigners, the participants also gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their home cultures. Furthermore, students exposed to international cultures tend to have an edge over other students thereby facilitating their schools to also be a part of the same.

According to an independent assessment of the impact of AFS study abroad experiences, conducted by Dr. Mitchell Hammer of Hammer Consulting; AFS students when compared to their “best friends” had significantly:
Increased intercultural competence
Increased knowledge of the host culture
Increased fluency in the local/native language of the host country
Less anxiety in interacting with people from different cultures
Increase friendship with people from various cultures
Greater intercultural knowledge.

Educational Results

The Assessment of the Impact of the AFS Study Abroad Experience was an independent research study conducted in 2005 by Dr. Mitchell R. Hammer in partnership with AFS. Thousands of students around the world were evaluated before, during and after an experience abroad. Compared to a control group of their peers, AFS Participants made significant improvements in language fluency, their knowledge of other cultures and their ability to forge intercultural friendships. The results of the research conclusively confirmed that exchange programs, especially at the high school level, play a critical role in building bridges across cultural differences.

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