AFS India gave me the opportunity to see and experience a new world. This program introduced me to many other cultures. I met people from various countries, made new friends, learnt about their countries, shared my culture and had loads of fun. I believe that, in today’s world, we just need a bit of understanding and tolerance, a bit of AFS. 

AFS Returnee - Participant to Germany 

AFS India’s association with our school has been a learning experience for all of us. I can proudly say that our students have achieved the educational objectives set by AFS. They became more self-aware, critical thinker, motivated, empathic, flexible, culturally aware, and globally concerned with commitment towards contributing to the world community.

AFS Host School 

One of the best memories of my life were the three weeks that I spent in June, 2012, in New Zealand as part of AFS Exchange Program. I had lot of apprehensions about living so far off from my family, at the edge of universe (literally), but under no situation I felt homesick. I always had the support and protection of my host family. I would say this was a step towards creating a global wholeness.

AFS Returnee - Teacher to New Zealand 

We as a family extend our sincere gratitude for giving us this opportunity to host an exchange student. Our experience has left us with many pleasant memories. It is an experience which can not be described in words but it has left us happier, fuller and enriched.

AFS Host Family 

My experience in India has challenged me to explore and reflect upon not only the complex values, beliefs, and identity of my host community, but also those of my own. In doing so, I am beginning to understand better - and learning to celebrate - both the diversity and the commonalities of the human race.

AFS Host Participant - From USA 

I can cite many reasons of why I volunteer with AFS. We aren’t the only culture in the world; there are many different, beautiful & elegant culture out there. AFS gives me the opportunity to explore those cultures and knowing more about them. I have learnt so many things over the period of five years. Now I’ve friends from many cultures, and I keep in touch with every single one of them. To me, AFS is a my big family, and it members keep increasing when we are hosting participant from various countries and sending our own kids to theirs.

AFS Volunteer

AFS is not just an NGO for me; it has been  my second family and source of learning & fun for me. Because of AFS, I have learnt about the world, and I proudly call myself a global citizen. One of the fun element of volunteering with AFS is meeting new people, learning their language, celebrating their festivals while teaching our own and trying out their cuisines.

AFS Volunteer 

I'm so grateful to have been given to opportunity to study in India. I feel like I understand real life concepts such as globalization and the interconnectedness of the world much better now. Thanks to my Indian host family & AFS programs, I have learnt to respect different cultures.

AFS  Host Student - From Italy 

One of the distinguished & wonderful concept of AFS Intercultural Programs India is the concept of Intercultural Learning. I started volunteering because my kid went on AFS program to Germany, and I wanted to understand how AFS works, but now I volunteer because I want to explore different culture, learn about other human beings, teach the world about our culture, clear stereotypes, and to make a positive impact on the world. AFS has given me the opportunity to do all that.

AFS Host Mother - Volunteer

Emerald Heights International School Testimonial